About Manuscript

Manuscript Studio is a service of writer and editor Mary Kole, a published author with over ten years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing.

Mary is uniquely qualified to be an ideal ghostwriter and creative partner. Her expertise as an author and editor means that she has honed her skill at crafting beautiful, compelling prose in any genre. Her years in publishing have led to a keen sense for what will appeal to agents and audiences alike. She has honed this further as co-founder of Upswell Media, a book packaging company that has sold fiction to Big Five publishers. She is passionate about helping writers craft their best work—as an editor, a former literary agent, a book packager and developer, and a ghostwriter.

Mary began her publishing career as an intern and Associate Agent at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, one of the oldest and most prestigious children’s book literary agencies in America. She then became a Senior Literary Manager and founder of the children’s book department at Movable Type Management in New York City, at the heart of the publishing industry. In 2013, Mary left publishing to pursue her love of editorial work full-time and has since cultivated thousands of clients, tens of thousands of projects, and a dedicated full service support team.

She is the founder of Good Story Company, which includes a suite of editorial, educational, and writer workshop services, including Mary Kole Editorial, the small group writing workshop, Story Mastermind, and the award-winning Kidlit blog. She is the author of Writing Irresistible Kidlit, from Penguin Random House, and has proven experience in all genres, from children’s books to novels.

Mary Kole is a first rate editor and ghostwriter. She is highly professional, focused, responsible, and delivers what she promises.

She is discerning about story, plot, and character—and highly skilled at line editing and creating new content that fits the project. It's a pleasure to work with Mary.
Ruth Pomerance, INKubator Enterprises and Folio Literary Agency

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